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Fequently Asked Questions

All foreign principals intending to recruit Filipino workers need to appoint a licensed overseas recruitment agency like EDI, to become their recruitment partner. This is a government policy. Foreign principals shall submit a Special Power of Attorney, Manpower Request Letter, Contingency Plan, Business Registration and Location Map to the POEA. EDI shall provide you with all the templates.

JPEight caters to a wide array of international clients based in the Middle East and Asia Pacific from different industries and would always have job openings that will fit your qualifications. Enumerated below is the list of positions that JPEight Manpower Corp. regularly needs:
* Non-professional(from all fields)Technical workers.
* Skilled workers.

JPEight doesn't charge processing fee from countries like Japan & New Zealand. We also do not collect placement fees nor do salary deductions from workers.

Once you have submitted your resume to JPEight Manpower Corp. either personally or thru e-mail, a consultant in charge will conduct a thorough paper screening of your qualifications. Then, you will be invited to report at the JPEIght Manpower Corp. office for an interview. This is done to make sure that you fit the job opening thus land in the right job. Should you fit the prescribed job profile, you will then be included in the shortlist, which will be sent-off to the client for review and assessment. Should the client approve the shortlist, a telephone interview or a business visit to the Philippines is arranged and scheduled. Whichever the case, you will be properly informed and guided about the schedule and other important matters. After the client interview, JPEight Manpower Corp. will notify you about the interview results as soon as the client makes the hiring decision.

For further questions and inquiries, you may call JPEight Manpower Corp. at telephone numbers (032)479-9300 and a customer service assistant will assist you or direct your call to the concerned consultant.